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Question: My baby is 10 days old but he is not taking mother feed only take formula feed so what should i do?

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Answer: hello maam, Agar baby feed nahii Kar Raha hai to aapko baby ko proper tarike se feed karwana chahiye wo jarur feed karega . 1) jab bhi aap baby ko feed karaye baby ko Body To body touch de properly . 2) jab bhi aap baby ko feed karaye bilkul peaceful place pe feed karaye . 3) jab aap baby ko feed karaye to aap ka nipple baby ke mouth me proper hona chahiye . 4) jab aap baby ko feed karwati hai to aapko dhyan dena chahiye ki aapke baby ka position sahii hai ya nahii , aapke baby ka head upper side me hona chahiye Na ki lower side me . thanku
Answer: Hello Dis happens due to nipple confusion. Maybe u have given an alternate to ur baby like a bottle. In a bottle it's very easy for the baby to get milk so they prefer bottle feed to breast feed as there the baby has to work hard on getting the milk this is the prime reason. For babies to stop taking breast feeding directly. There are many ways u can get back to breast feeding. Open baby s mouth widely n incert ur breast in baby s mouth it will help baby suck better n is easier. Hope I helped.
Answer: Hi, You need both nipple stimulation and removal to increase milk production. both of theses will stimulate the milk producing hormones. the best and most proven way is to start with skin to skin contact, and put the baby to the breast frequently. these will increase the milk producing hormones naturally and encourage baby to suck. good luck to you.
Answer: If he's not able to latch to u try extracting milk n feeding with spoon or the way u r feeding formula. Because u will not be able to build up ur feed if he's not feeding neither are u extracting
Answer: Excrete bm n gve in bottle
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Question: My baby boy is 5 months 20 days ..but my breastfeeding is not getting enough as he doesn't fulfil his hunger...and that's why i was giving him formula feed little..but since 2 days he is not taking formula feed... taking my feed only ..but my breastfeeding is not enough..so what can I do to feed him
Answer: Hello dear Galact granules is ayurvedic powder. Have this twice a day with milk.(2 teaspoons in a cup of milk). Consult your Gynocologist she may give some tablets for a couple of days to initiate lactation. In first few days very little amount of milk is enough for your baby so don't worry momma !! Latch him whenever he wants the more he sucks the more is the milk production.
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Question: My baby is 10 days old .he is not taking my feed.whenever I try to feed she will turn faces.she need only lactogen 1.what shall I do.
Answer: hi you should check whether you have a proper flow because sometimes if the floor is not good then other baby may lose interest in that case you should try and express your milk and see if the floor is good enough the floor is good and still the baby is not taking feed directly then you can express your feed and feed f either or through the school because feeding breast milk is very important to the baby because it helps a proper growth and development of the baby and it also helps to build the immunity of the baby and you should keep trying to make the baby feed directly as well
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Question: my baby is not taking formula milk.. He is 45 days old.... what should i do please reply soon
Answer: hi dear please pick the baby your breast milk if the baby is not interested in formula please do not force the baby to have it and if you think that you are supply is less please check two indicators one is your baby's weight if it is increasing your supply is fine and the second one is baby speak out if it is 8 to 10 times in a day then it is absolutely fine there is problem in your supply.. Hope this helps!
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