1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 25 days old....at night she cries alot for some time....i know she didn't understand anything but i shouted on her .. after that she suddenly stop crying....now its more than 12 hrs she doesn't cry at all..... I m worried now...what should I do ? Is that normal ?

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Answer: Hello dear. Your baby is too small to understand your shouting. And also babies cry because either they are hungry, or have discomfort or not sleepy at all. For sleep massage helps and relax their muscles and tehy get a peaceful sleep. Check for symptoms of any discomfort. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby girl is 2months 22days ..on formula fed.she doesn't sleep at night even in morning she has disturbed sleep. If she is awake she cries all the time v give her all the comforts health wise she is fine. V play with her she responds and again starts crying.. Don't know the reason when she will stop crying and play with everyone
Answer: aapko reason find out karna padhega ke baby kyun ro rahi hai.Baby ke rone ke bohot reasoms hote hai .Colic is the most common cause.Other causes are listed below .For eg:1-bhook 2-Thand/garmi(shayad aapke liye woh temperature normal ho aur baby ke liye na ho):kapde accordingly change karke dekho 3-Neend complete na ho. 4-Bore feel kar raha ho. 5-Discomfort 6-Colic(pain in tummy)/gas :use colicaid 7-Burping agar nahi ho rahi ho(20 mins burp karane ki koshish kijiye) Agar fir bhi samaj mein nahi aaye reason ,toh ek baar doctor ko bata do to confirm ke usse aur koi problem toh nahi ho rahi
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Question: My baby crying all the day and night time after her vaccination.i think she get feared at that time.and she didnt stop crying.what will i do
Answer: It may take sometime for your baby to come out of her vaccine....place some ice cubes wherever she got vaccine....it helps her to sooth and baby/children will love to play with ice ...so that her sense will divert....but be with her while she is playing as they might accidentally swallow....
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Question: My baby is 4 months old .. i want to ask that he cry alot .. and at night he dont sleep at all .. he only cries
Answer: Hlo dear it may be common in babies.i ll suggest you to massage your baby before going to sleep.u can use baby oil...but i preffer you desi ghee ..which is best for babies skin. Thankuu
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