Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby is 13 days old and weight of baby is 2.100 kg and not able to mother feed so i am using sanchi cow milk.i asked doctor for formula milk kindly suggest which foemula milk is better nan pro 01 or similac advance.

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Answer: Hello! Please completely stop using cow milk as it is difficult for the little one to digest. Also it doesn't have the nutrition that the baby needs. As for the formula mentioned above, both are good. But you need to check which suites your baby better. For that you can buy smaller packs of the formula, if it suits well then get the bigger one. Take care
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Question: Which formula milk is better Nan Pro Stage 1/ Similac Advance 1 or Aptamil infant formula 1 ??
Answer: Hii dear I have personal testimony of nan pro stage one. O gave dis to my baby and it was really good.
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Question: Which formula milk is good nan pro 1 or similac advance
Answer: Hello! Both are good. You need to check which one suits your baby well. Try to get a smaller pack and accordingly you can decide which one to use. Take care
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Question: Which formula feed is better...nan pro or nanexcella pro??
Answer: Both are good, but I would suggest NAN pro I used give this to my elder son. It's really good try this.
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