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Question: My baby is 15 days old and sometimes gets up after every 1hour for feeding ..im breastfeeding ...is this normal

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Answer: Yes, it is normal to wake up again and again after every hour. It is mainly because ur baby is breastfeeding and passing urine after every breastfeed. This makes him hungry again and so he is waking u up for having milk
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Question: My baby is 16 days old and is vomiting after every feeding from yesterday. Sometimes vomiting a lot. This happens even after burping. Is it normal???
Answer: Hi dear, see its not a problem at all. Baby digestive system is still developing and little bit vomiting is normal. Many a times during burp baby stomach got pressed n it's because of that sometime baby pukes
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Question: my 15 days baby gets vomit after feeding... is it normal? how can we control this?
Answer: Yes it's normal and it's good bcoz baby had over feed it's come out and he/she fills better.
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Question: My 15 days old baby gets hiccups right after feeding. How to stop this
Answer: Feed him ur water through breastfeeding. Hiccups is another sign of burping in some babies
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