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Question: My baby is 61 days old, and now m suffering from severe constipation. Would u plz help me out??

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Answer: Hello! Constipation is common after delivery. Try these home remedies for some relief. 1. When you get up in the morning, drink a glass of warm water with lemon. 2. Take a tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil before each meal. The oil which help soften and lubricate the stool. 3. Eat high-fiber foods such as whole grain cereals and breads, brown rice, and beans as well as fresh fruits and vegetables every day. 4: Go for a long walk (or a repetitive walk close to the toilet). 5: Take a glass of warm water or herbal tea before bed. 6: Stew on the stove half a cup of dried fruits such as apricots or prunes with a cupful of water. Cook till the fruit is soft and then mash it and eat the whole thing including liquids in the morning before eating anything else. 7: Avoid caffeinated drinks. 8. Go to the toilet when you have the urge, don't put it off. 9: To ease the stool passing, rub some organic oil (e.g. virgin coconut oil) on your bottom area. 10. Drink lots of water throughout the day. 11. Have rich fibre diet like oats, pomegranate with seeds etc . 12. Go for walk daily. 13. Consult ayurvedic doctor for medication. Take care
Answer: Hi, you should try these home remedies Drink warm water when you get up. Have figs and prunes. Have papaya Have banana and drink tea over that. You can with the help of Dr take something like isabgol. I am sure these tips shall help you.
Answer: Just have some bananas
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Question: Please suggest me, am suffering from severe constipation. I have delivered by normal & baby is 16 days old now
Answer: Hey dearie , hope you are enjoying motherhood 😍, if you are having constipation then water should be your best friend, drink minimum 20 glasses of water daily ,eat lots of fibre rich food and walk daily 30 minutes. These things will help you. Also I used to apply glycerine on anus daily when I was constipated so don't forget to do this.
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Question: I have severe constipation problem from a week could u pls help me out....
Answer: Dear it seems you are taking less water. But no worries, Here are some tips for preventing and easing constipation...have a fiber rich foods that includes wholewheat, oats, grains and cereals, Include lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet,include it in the form of sabji, porriyal, salad. you can drink beetroot juice regularly it prevents against constipation and also prevents Anemia.Eat guava with breakfast it will help a lot, Make a habit of eating figs and prunes daily ,start your day with having soaked dry fruits it will relieve you from constipation. Drink lot of water also include fresh juice. Banana smoothie, figs smoothie will be more effective in reducing constipation. Walking, swimming, riding a stationary bike, and yoga can all ease constipation and leave you feeling more fit and healthy. If your prenatal multivitamin contains a large dose of iron (and you're not anemic), ask your healthcare provider about switching to a supplement with less iron. If it persist ,it is better to consult doctor, they will prescribe laxative..
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Question: My baby is 14 months old and is suffering from severe constipation. Please suggest remedies to help her relieve constipation
Answer: Hello dear... Constipation in toddlers happen due to their fussy eating habits, follow these steps it might be helpful for you... Fiber rich foods Give her fibre rich foods like whole wheat, cereals, oats Hydrated Keep your baby hydrated, you can add water in the form of juice,soups.. Raisins and prunes You can opt raisins and prunes as snacks, for effective result make your child eats 10 raisins a day. If they din like raisins , you can soak ten raisins in half glass of water overnight, it can be crushed and extracted as juice. This juice is very effective for constipation Banana smoothie Banana smoothie is know as natural softener, it not only releives constipation, it is a great stamina booster Dry fruits milkshake Dry fruits are loaded with lot of minerals and antioxidants, you can blend dry fruits with milk in a blender ,and serve. This shake contains lot of vitamins and minerals that needed for baby's growth Try these tips to your baby,hope it helps..
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