1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 28 days old and his potty is in liquid form always.what to do?

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Answer: It would remain liquid till the baby is on liquids I.e. bm or on top feed.
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Question: My baby is 71 days old his stools are in sometime liquid form
Answer: Hii when baby is on liquid it happens. So don't worry. Make sure baby is taking feed on time. And acting normal. All the best.
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Question: My baby do potty after every fed is it normal or not n many times it is in liquid form
Answer: See it's normal if u r worried get a stool test done of your baby basically it can be due to hind milk and foremilk try giving feed from one side and try to give feed from that side till it's empty then move to the over side
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Question: My baby's stool is in liquid form he is 35 days old is it normal ?
Answer: Hii if a baby stool is watery like loose motions it is better to cancel to the doctor else it will lead to dehydration in the meanwhile you should continue to breastfeed your baby you should have in your diet sabudana promogranate Apple which you also help the baby have at least 10 to 12 glasses of your water so that it will help the baby to be hydrated
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