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Question: My baby is 14 days old and his ambilical cord fell down after few days of birth it bled a bit that time. Then today i saw a swelling and blood and puss coming out of it. Please tell me what to do i am so worried

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Question: By baby's umbilical cord is dropped off today I saw a little blood in his nappy should I be worried?
Answer: Hi dear, During the healing ,the naval stump does look pinky and few blood clots are also normal.but if you see a pus formation,do inform your doctor.keep the area dry all the time.post bath,dab a cotton soft cloth to dry it.doctor might give an antiseptic powder to apply there ,it should be fine in few days.
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Question: My baby is 15 days old. Her umbilical cord has fallen a week ago. Today i saw blood coming out of her naval. Is it something to worry.
Answer: no dear I don't worry this is our normal as the umbilical cord fall off this happens so you don't need to worry about it and you don't need to do any home medicine for this if doctor give any ointment for your stitches you could apply that on the baby's belly button which helps to heal the wound soon
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Question: Today I saw my 8month baby poop little bit blood in it. I am worried.
Answer: If your baby's poop is hard then it may be anal fissures, if it continues every time please consult your pediatrician.
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