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Question: my baby is 45 days old. and her right eye is sticky Nd water coming out frequently..can u plz suggest a solution for this?

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Answer: Sticky eye is the result of a blocked tear duct. Newborn babies may have a white or yellow discharge at the inner corners of their eyes. Most cases of sticky eye are not serious and can be treated at home. Sticky eye is a common condition in newborn babies caused by a blocked tear duct. You can usually take care of sticky eye at home by bathing the affected eye(s) with saline solution or normal lukewarm water. make sure that you clean and wipe the eye wit clean towel whenever the water is coming from eye..
Answer: press middle of nose (top side, between eyes) 30 times per day..
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Question: My baby 40 days old...her right eye water is coming ..what I do??
Answer: Hi dear Nothing to worry about it's common. Clean her eyes with sterilized cotton with Luke warm water.Use different cotton for both eyes as infection may spread from one to another eye.Massage near eye tear ducts circular motion nd finally down wards for 5 mins morning nd 5 mins evening untill it's cured.
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Question: My 11month old baby have sticky and water is coming from right eye pls sugest wat i do
Answer: Hello dear A gummed up eye is common in newborn babies  and particularly premature babies as they have very narrow tear ducts, so tears don't drain away from the eye and the fluid can get infected. Treatment for gummed up eyes: 1. Bath the affected eye with saline water to keep it clean. 2. Use damp cotton if you find gluey substance developing around the eye.
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Question: My baby is 40 days old...In her right eye water is coming ..what I do??
Answer: It may be cause of eyeduct pblm, so go n consult the eye doctor
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