2 months old baby

Question: my baby is 59 days old and he spits alot ...he too have hiccups every time after I feed him...is his digestive system weak??? what to do

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Answer: Little bit vomiting even after every feed is normal but heavy vomiting after every feed is might be indigestion issue . Should check with pediatrician.
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Question: Hi my baby is 40 days old he is sppiting out curdled milk after every feed even i make him burp after every feed i think this is making him uncomfortable tell me what to do
Answer: Hi feed the baby every second hourly r minimum 3hours gap between each feed...so that milk will digest properly nd help baby to reduce vomit for next feeds...donot force the baby to feed while sleeping before 2 hours after each feed....atleast 2 hours is needed for milk to digest.
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Question: My baby is 1year old. Her digestive symtem is so weak. What should I do to improve her digestive system pls help
Answer: Dear what is the reason that your baby's digestive system is not fine is it the cleanliness of the bottle is it milk allergy.. you have to find out the reason and also to improve the digestive system you can give more vitamin C for the digestion cord is also very good for digestion and even banana
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Question: My baby takes hiccups every now and then,once I feed him he stops his hiccups after few secs.why,this happens??
Answer: Hi..It goes away on its own, just put your baby on his or her back on the bed and let them stretch their hands and legs on their own.. You don't have to do anything.. Hiccups take time to vanish, but it vanishes on it's own..
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