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Question: My baby is 25 days old and he has not pass stool since yesterday. I am giving him breast milk but he is throwing up evrytime. Kindly suggest ..

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Answer: I do not worry it is absolutely normal for a breastfed baby to pass motion 3 to 4 times in a day at the same time even if the baby passes motion once in 3 to 4 days is considered to be normal however if your baby is puking out it is normal because mostly the baby puts out even after giving birth so don't worry if the baby is kicking out the entire milk and tears after every feed then you should consult to the doctor else there is nothing to worry
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Question: My baby is 45days old and since yesterday he has a constipation problem. His stool is not clear. Kindly suggest
Answer: Helo dear ....Although this is normal infants can release stool in 4 to 5 days ...You can try this remedy it might help as it always worked on my kids Apply heeng paste on baby stomach and around her naval. Cook heeng with some water till it become pasty let it cool apply in Luke warm condition. Hope it will work ..Take care 😊
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Question: My baby is 25 days old. He poops and pees after each feed. I am giving him breast milk only.
Answer: Some babies poop after every feeding and some every three days. It's all normal, Pooping after every feeding is especially common in breastfeeding newborns. When a breastfed baby has a bowel movement after nearly every feeding during the first few weeks, it's a good sign – it means he's getting plenty of milk.
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Question: My baby have not pass stool from yesterday afternoon.. He is 17days old but he is passong urine... Kindly suggest
Answer: Hi it is fine for breastfeeding baby not to do potty for even 1 week but make sure baby is taking proper feed.
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