1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 33 days old. After feed i put on my baby to my shoulder she was vomiting a milk and it will comes nose also. Is this normal?

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Answer: Probably she has been fed more..after feeding the baby leave her for 5 min and then try burping her so that she swallows the milk and let gas out...before swallowing the milk if you burp the baby it will definitely vomit..
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Question: My baby is 28 days old. After feed sometimes she was vomiting and it will comes nose also. After she is getting tired for 2 min. Then she will be active. What we do?
Answer: Sometimes many babies do the same don't u worry just take ur baby on ur shoulders nd try to make her relax by giving massage on her back for 5 minute
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Question: My daughter is 3 months old. She is vomiting after every feed. And vomiting a lot.. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear, Baby spitting is common .but if the baby vomits large amount of milk,it could be due to either over feeding or not burping.baby needs to be burped no matter how small the feed could be.burping could take 5 minutes to 45 minutes.but be patient and burp the baby as baby could be in distress,as the air trapped in the gut is not able to come out due to which baby can't feed more.
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Question: Hi mam my baby 21days when I feed my baby and put her down on bed she is vomiting little bit of milk is it normal mam
Answer: Yes it is normal. After feeding just hold ur baby on ur shoulder so baby can have burp.burp is very important
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