Question: my baby is 96. days (4month) he is not looking moving obect

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Answer: did not understand
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    Gurpreet Kaur1298 days ago

    what kind of moving object

Answer: wht
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Question: Mam my baby 4month 26 days old not feeding he is carrying what is the reason
Answer: Hi dear! please check if the baby has any discount for it first of all cough and cold if the babies catches cough for cold they tend to refuse feeding and crying if the baby has any throat pain then also they cry But it is very hard for you to understand check if there is any pain in the ear which is another common thing in babies which can happen due to cold also another thing is colic which is a very very common problem, now these things you need to check and find out if there is any reason as such otherwise you need to take the baby to the pediatrician but in my opinion first of all you try to find out the reason as to why the baby is crying mostly if it is a normal phase of refusal then it is very temporary and stays for 1 to 2 today's maximum but you can feed the baby in sleep but if baby is very cranky and is not stable not active not feeling well pee and Poop count by defect for that then I think are taking to the pediatrician is a good idea.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby 46 days old.he is looking around the objects but he is not looking at anyone face.Is it normal?
Answer: Yes it is normal Normally babies do eye contact after 3rd or 4th month. My baby is 84days old she started seeing faces from 2days. We can't compare it's depend on babies to babies. So don't worry😊
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Question: My baby has 46 days old.he is looking around object but he is not looking at anyone it normal?
Answer: Yes dear, it is completely normal. Baby will start reconize your face, after 1 month, so don't worry.
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