2 months old baby

Question: my baby is 69 days..bt aj wo feed ni le rhi..na BM na hi bottle..bs ro rhi h

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Answer: consult to ur doctor
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Question: meri baby kl se formula milk ni le ri bs bm le ri h bt usko mera sufficient ni hota formula milk kaise du?
Answer: Diet and nutrition play an important role in improving and maintaining a healthy breastmilk supply. Try including these foods in your diet to increase milk supply. Fenugreek (methi) This is an ancient remedy and is being used since generations to improve breastmilk supply. Methi is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and is a good source of vitamins, iron, and calcium. Nuts and dried fruits It is well known that nuts and dried fruits are high on calories, rich in vitamins and minerals, and a good source of essential nutrients. They can be had by themselves or added in several preparations. Pulses and lentils Pulses, such as Tur daal and Masoor daal are believed to improve milk supply since ancient times. They are high in protein and contain good amounts of iron and fiber. Green leafy vegetables Spinach,sarson ka saag,bathua are a few of the many green leafy vegetables that are rich in iron, calcium, folate, vitamin A and B12 which help to improve lactation. During winters theses vegetables are easily available so make sure you are eating adequate quantity. Other remedies - Utilizing the demand and supply equation, The more you draw milk from your breast, the more milk your body will produce. If milk is not efficiently removed from the breasts, it eventually decreases milk supply. Supplements - 1) Shatavari kalp powder. This has known results when it comes to increasing milk supply. Take a spoon of powder with lukewarm milk once in a day. 2) Jeera- This is the most effective remedy. Roast jeera seeds then powder them and have 1spoon of this powder daily with lukewarm milk once a day. By following these soon you ll notice difference in your milk supply.
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Question: mera baby 5 month old h ...use bottle se bm milk kaise de...wo pee ni rhi h...bottle se...
Answer: hello.. dear bottle se doodh pilate samay dhere dhere shuru karna chahiye..ek hafte sirf doodh morning time ya evening time pilaye.. aur apna breastfeed continue rakhna... morning pilate samy aapko thode thode quantity like 20 ya 30 ml se shuru kijiye... aur aap jaise breastfeed karwate ho usi tarah usko lap me lekar aapke baby ko aadat hone tak continue pilate rahiye... dhere dhere seekh jayega,, dont worry.. all the best.
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Question: meri beti ro rhi h feed b ni le rhi h kya kru na bottle na bf
Answer: hello.. dear usko rona stop kijiye by showing different music ya lights toys..usko thoda sponging kijiye aur kapde change karke dekhiye..aur thoda fresh air me lekar jayeye, nahi tho bahuth thand hai.. full kapde pehenaye. ho sakta baby ko bahuth thand ya garam ki vajaha se ro raha ho..baad me doodh pilane ki koshish kijiye..
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