1 months old baby

Question: my baby is 15 day old, suggest me the way to latch him properly to encourage breastfeeding

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Answer: give ur baby feed thru spoon but only one or ttwo spoon the time start taking keep the spion aside and try to make him takr ur feed.. u need to force a bit.. when the baby will hungry for sure he willl start taking feed thru u... it takes some time but this is possible.. i had the same case due to c section
Answer: same prblm mere saath b thi...baby suck krna bhool gya tha...so main try krti rhti thi...mujhe dr. ne ek hny jaisi med di...usko baby ko 1 drop de kr nd nipple pr 1 drop laga kr feed di..2-3 days main baby feed lene laga...nd med chod di fir.
Answer: what happened dear :? do you feel any trouble in latching ?? what's exactly that /?? explain clearly please
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Question: How.. My baby is 6 day old.. She can't able to latch properly during feeding.. How can Improve her latching.. Plz suggest me..
Answer: It takes a few days for the baby to learn to latch properly. Hold the baby close to you supporting her head. Once baby starts sucking, u can gently pull her chin down to open mouth fully and help latch better. Baby should suck at the areola and entire nipple should be inside. You can watch YouTube videos to get a better idea
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