5 months old baby

Question: My baby is crying continuously on night , day time she's ok but night from 11 to 12 time crying more . Is it any problem or as usual?

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Answer: Hello Colic is wr the baby cries for more than 3 hours of the day. The cause of colic is unknown. But here are some remedies that will help soothe ur baby. Play quite noise. Lie the baby on his back in a dark room and quiet room swaddle him or rock him in a soft blanket. Lay him across on ur lap n rub his back. U can also give the baby a gentle massage. Put a warm water bottle on ur baby s tummy. Give ur baby a warm bath. If ur baby is formula fed then get a bottle that is designed to suck on less air. Hope I helped
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Question: My boy is 6 weeks old. He is sleeping more during day time and crying continuously during night time. Can't understand the problem. Kindly give any suggestion.
Answer: Usually new born not aware of day and night so they sleeps long during day and lesser in night. My baby too did the sane how he is ok with day and night. Now he is 2+ month. If your baby cries uncontrollable it might be due to come uncomfortable clothes, colic pain or heat. So make him free during night sleep.
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Question: My baby not passing urine at night time, day time he passes without any problem, but night time he is crying,it is the sign of any infection.
Answer: Some babies don't pee while they are asleep... But it might be difficult for them as they are peeing after so many hours... Best to consult with your doctor
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Question: My baby is 11 days old. She's wants to poop but unable to do it. That's why she's crying continuously. Kindly suggest some home remedy.
Answer: Give slight stomach massage top to down not too hard. Make her sit on your legs for potty training for two minutes. It worked for me
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