1 months old baby

Question: My baby is crying a lot while peeing..can any one tell some remedies

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Answer: Hello dear, urinating should not be a painful affair.. if you find your baby crying then this could be a sign of infection or some other problem in the urinary tract..so please get it checked by the doctor..
Answer: Hi,Dear It's very normal for most babies to cry before passing urine n stool.. so don't worry.My son also use to cry,it will reduce on it's own by 3 to 4 months.Feed in regular intervals.hope I helped
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Question: My one month old baby boy crying lot while while passing urine. Please tell me something
Answer: Don't worry it is sometimes normal also     urinary bladder is full it cost stretching which in turn cause pain so baby starts crying, once baby passes the urine baby stops crying, after that since got wet he again start crying But crying during passage of urine can also indicate UTI with other symptoms also that is frequent passage of small quantity urine, fever, vomiting, blood stained urine, etc, So after considering the symptoms if you have doubt in your mind then you can obviously get the urine routine test to rule out the infection
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Question: My 20 days old baby is crying before peeing?can any one tell the reason and some remedies
Answer: Hi dear, newborn babies mostly cries before urinating as their indicating about pee or poo. After urinating wet clothes also irritates your baby to get relief from it as early as possible baby started crying before pee. But if the colour of urine is darker than normal or has some smell then your baby has urinary tract infection & need medical attention. Some times because of diapers rash baby feels uncomfortable during urination. So, dont worry & try to understand your baby's way of communication. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is crying loud while peeing
Answer: Hi dear, Baby crying while passing urine could be due to: 1- too much concentrated urine,happens due to dehydration 2- rashes around the area,as baby's skin is too sensitive for acidic urine 3- urinary tract infections So you need to analyze the reason behind it.observe any rashes in that area,if yes,then start using B4 nappy cream there. Make your baby drink plenty water.also check with doctor if,baby is crying too much while passing urin,it could be infection and it might need antibiotics to cure.
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