3 months old baby

Question: My baby is constantly taking her hand in her mouth... She is 94 days old... I try to take it away every single time but she again do the same... How can i stop her??

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Answer: After 9 months we can start with thumb cribs or thrusting devices. A dental appointment will help. Doctor will prescribe you lotions that are safe and to be applied on babys thumb to avoid sucking, there are thumb covering medicated and non medicated sucking devices which degrade the habit. Emotional aspect--- babies tend to suck thumb when they are hungry, when they feel insecure, alone. Try to comfort your baby more.
Answer: Use pacifier
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Question: My three months old baby is sucking her thumb. Every time i remove her hand but still she put. How can i stop her thumb sucking
Answer: Me also asked that qus.did not get any answers from others
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Question: my baby is trying more to lick is hand and she crying if I try to take her hand from her mouth what can be the reason to lick her hand ?
Answer: Hello dear mom.. i can completely understand how babies behave when it comes to say No to their favourite pass time.. may be she is hungry or teething can be 2 causes for a 2 months old to do .. some babies gets really cranky when hungry and they start to lick and suck on to their hands. Kindly feed her on demand and also in between to see if she stops this. Hope this works.
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Question: My baby is put 2 fingers in her mouth.. she is 4 months old.. how can i stop her?
Answer: Don't stop your baby to putting his fingers in mouth. It means baby is getting ready for soild food. It also improve hand to mouth co ordination. It will gives baby's snoothing effect. You can see the baby's gum are swollen,so they rub the gums by there own fingers.
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