8 months old baby

Question: My baby is constantly crying if I don't carry her all the time. Even she is not getting calm down with her dad. She just wants me and wants that i carry her or wants to sit in my lab. She even don't allow me to go for washroom or take shower or cook food. What should I do?

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Answer: Hi dear, I can understand your troublesome situation...but calm down...first thing I would suggest that for a mother, motherhood is and should be the topmost priority at least at such early stage...Think for yourself, even you might not be able to concentrate on other works with the baby around....It is important that a mother should do her motherhood tasks with a calm mind....Please understand.... There is no synonymous word to that the baby wants you...In stead of getting panic, spend maximum time with the baby happily. manage your schedules according to her sleeping times etc...slowly slowly hand her over to other people say father etc. firstly in your presence (conditioned response you see!)...this phase is a temporary phase anyways...do not worry or panic
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    Romisha Shah898 days ago

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Answer: She is very attached by you mentally... So other faces are unknown for her...So she doesn't want to go to anyone
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Question: I have one month old baby she start crying when i put her down from my lap...i think she became habitual to sit in my lab what sbould i do to for avoiding her habbit..
Answer: Hii dear this happens to every baby as they are habitual to stay with u. They get i sucre when u seperate her from u. More over they get warmth from ur body heat so to manage the same u can swaddle ur baby so that they can feel comfortable and also keep room Temp. Comfortable. U can also run washing machine as the sound of that make baby feel that she is still in womb. That really works as I used to do it. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: My baby smells milk from me and all she wants is milk though she is full.☹️ I am just a milk factory for her.😭 she does not calm down in my arms, i have to hand her over to someone else. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I try to do what they are doing but she is still fussy. Is anyone else has this problem? What to do to calm her down? I feel so incomplete as mom. 😐
Answer: No it's not like that it will take time only mother is the person who can understand her baby u jus talk to yr baby while feeding and try to make baby feels ur touch while feeding it will create a strong bond between u and baby.. don't think negative dear u r Mumma and everything for baby
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