12 months old baby

Question: My baby is completed her 1 year but still she is not able to stand alone and can not stand to tie with object. Can you help me?

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Answer: Hi, its ok. Be patient. All babies are diffeeent and rhey learn on their iwn apce. So relax my daughter learnedd tonwalk when she was13ninthse. So just keep on encouragung your child. And give good oil legs massage and back massags. Take care
Answer: No prob evrt baby z diffrnt Soo she ll doo all the activites
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Question: My baby is 1 year and 3 months old, she is still not walking but walking with her knees
Answer: If your toddler is developing normally in other ways, it might be that she/he just hasn't had enough encouragement or opportunity.  Limit the use of baby walkers and bouncers which can prevent leg muscles from fully developing.Delay introducing shoes until your baby walks well inside. Walking barefoot improves balance and coordination.Child proof your home and allow your baby to walk in a safe and familiar environment.When your baby is cruising along furniture, challenge them by increasing the distance between each piece of furniture, as possible, to encourage your baby to take small steps.When your baby is close to independent walking, walk your child with support everywhere until they can do it on their own. Walking is a mindset for your child.When holding your baby’s hand, bring your hand down lower to lessen the support you are providing. This will help build endurance, balance, and confidence in your baby.Have your baby stand with their back against a wall. Step away from your baby and call out to them with your arms outstretched. Encourage your baby to take  lunging steps towards you and into your arms.
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Question: My baby is 1 year old and just holds and stands and moves around by holding on, she still does not even stand without support. What can I do to help her stand and walk .. ?
Answer: Hi. Do not worry as some babies take bit longer to walk on their own without support. At every stage, right from helping baby to sit and then to help him to crawl or helping him in standing, you are encouraging your little one to walk. Once baby learns to stands, let her walk in front of you while you hold her hands—and as you notice improvement, let go of one hand so that she can learn to balance. Or stand a few feet away from her and ask her to come to you. Clapping and praising the baby will encourage the baby to take more steps. It will be gradual and slow but soon she will be managing it on her own.
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Question: my baby completed 7 months ..she is not able to sit on her own ? when I make her sit she holds me for support to stand up
Answer: It's ok dear let her take her own time.. don't worry.. some babies skips development stages ..some directly start walking
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