15 months old baby

Question: My baby is cesarean. She is 15 month old. After baby was born I got period after 10 months..when started it was very heavy and continued for 9-10 days. For 3 months it was like this only .after 3 months period stopped for 2 months and again it started and after two days very heavy clotting of blood came out..after that o feed very weak..plaz tell me what to do? Why it happened?

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Answer: First consult gynecology doctor
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Question: I had normal delivery two months back in mid Feb. And due to some issues,not able to feed my baby. My bleeding continued till 40 days, took gap of two days and again started(42nd day) and continued for 13days (55 days). After that it took gap of 10 days and has now again started(65 days). Is it normal?
Answer: This time it could be your normal monthly periods or just wait for few more days. but if same thing will happen again then it is really important for you to visit your doctor because if you will keep on getting period like this then you can have iron deficiency so please keep on eating iron rich food
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Question: After deliver my periods continued for 6 weeks and again it's started after 20 days is it normal moms please let me know
Answer: it's completely normal to get periods in one month but if it continues to more than 6 days plz consult your doctor
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Question: Hi.i had c-section delivery on January 31..i got period for 2 months and within that time 2 times my period stopped for 2 days and continued again..after 2 months it stopped after some days again i started bleeding..is my regular period started or there is some problem..
Answer: It's normal to have irregular periods till the time you are breastfeeding baby
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