Few days old baby

Question: My baby is born with big testis..My doctor said if it does not reduce in two to three days ..it had to undergo surgery..as my child is born two days back ..there is no chance of reduction..what shall i do

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Answer: Hello dear, My baby is also having this problem called hydroxyl by the doctor, he said that among every 2 children out of 100 children face this problem by birth. In many or we can say most of the cases the size becomes normal along 1 year. If size remains same, no changes occur then the surgery will must. The surgery will be minor and nothing to worry about it, because in this disease the child don't suffer any type of pain,said the doctor. So plz dont worry about it, and consult a good pedreatician doctor, god bless ur child.
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    Rajshree Shahdeo839 days ago

    How old is ur baby? And is there any change in size of ur baby or r u going for surgery.. Please answer

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    Pooja Bohra839 days ago

    10 months old hum usse daily dekhte hain that's why not recognise the size. After completing 1year we will go to the doctor for his advise,then take the decision. Size badha nahi hai to ghata bhi nahi hai

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