6 months old baby

Question: My baby is preterm born (33 weeks). When should I start solids and what is best to start with. He passes stools atleast 3 times a day

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Answer: Hi Dear! Its important to start solid at a correct age, when the baby is 7 month old you start semi solids, Start off with porridges .keeping it as 1 meal a day and can introduce one meal each a month, qty is as he wishes and as much as he willingly takes.. You can start with steamed veggies, fruits, rice, dal, idly, dosa, kichdi, curd. Ripe fruits just hand mash, You can slightly overcooked/hand mashed if required. Normal family cooking oil, ghee or unsalted butter can be used. Finger foods can also be given. Please do not offer same food everyday. Offer a lot of variety. Do not add salt,sugar, jaggery, honey, palm sugar.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Should I giveDelponorm sachet to my baby when he passes green watery stool twice a day
Answer: First of all dear green stool is very normal in babies you have no need to worry about this. 1) It can be bcoz --- if you giving formula, the high iron content in formula causes green poop 2) As the baby is now putting his/ her hands everywhr and the same in his mouth, chances of germs entering , and hence stomach infection..( not worrisome though unless n until its watery n frothy) Still consult paediac for assurance..A Stool test may be done.. 3) Just check if your baby has cold or cough because the mucus too causes poop to go green... 4) You eating spinach or coriander or such food doesnt affect your babys poop..!! Take care...
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Question: Hi my baby is 5month 5days old can i start solids if yes how many times a day and what quntaty and what i can start with..
Answer: U can start with one spoon of daal ka pani nd anar juice.. But start only with one or two spoon
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Question: My baby passes urine 10 to 12 times a day but finding difficult to pass stools and the stool is thick plz tell me what can I do?
Answer: started with solids??sometimes lots of calcium and iron intake can cause to pass stools
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