4 months old baby

Question: my baby is becoming red Y my baby is 4 months old he is in wheatesh color

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Answer: I didn't get your query ?? How baby is becoming red ??? Any particular time baby turns or you are experiencing skin color changing . ??
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Question: Y do baby skin color changes? My baby is 2 months old now n she is becoming black.. at the time of birth she was white
Answer: at the tym of birth babies dont hv much blood in their body so thy look very fair but as thy grow blood increases in their body so thy look little bit like pinkish or reddish wch we call blackish. so its natural bt still if u feel tht ur baby is turning black, u can change the oil wch is been used for massage of the baby
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Question: My baby 11 months old his left eye is red in color from last night.after he sleeps and get up this morning the red is same.any treatment needed
Answer: Hello dear There can be various ressons for redness in eyes: Ur baby is crying and sleeping Allergy Blocked tear duct 4. If your child suffers any sort of trauma to the eye or the area around it, redness can occur Sometimes a baby can contract an infection from the other at birth, leading to an eye problem known as bacterial conjunctivitis. Keep ur baby's eyes clean If your baby allows just use a handkerchief and make it warm with the iron and place it on the eye it will give relief
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Question: hello everyone me nd husband is whitish y my son is wheatesh my son is 3 Months old
Answer: The skin colour doesnt depend only on the parents but also grandparent etc,it takes about 6 months to get the original colour.Moreover some people are advised by their paediatrician to keep the baby in sun for sometime everyday after birth.recovery from that takes time.If none of this happened i think u should be happy with your baby..irrelevant of the colour.Every baby is special the way he is....stay happy and healthy!😊
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