7 months old baby

Question: My baby is 5 and half month old. Is she want water to drink?

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Answer: Hello dear It would be better not to give water to ur baby before 6 months. U should only give breastfeeding or formula milk to ur baby. Don't fill ur baby's stomach with water otherwise it can decrease ur baby's appetite and can live him malnourished.
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    Sejal Patel363 days ago

    No Mom milk is get them water... Mom's first milk gave them water and after milk gave food

Answer: I have already give to my baby
Answer: I have already give to my baby
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Question: My baby is 4 and half months old... Can I give her water to drink
Answer: Hii..no dear till 6 months u have to give Breast milk alone.. no need to give water ur bm itself contains nutrients + water.. water cause indigestion to ur baby so pls avoid
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Question: My baby dont want to drink water he is 9 month 20 days old plz help
Answer: Hi you need not worry about it till baby is getting either the breast milk or formula milk until baby finishers 1st year there is no minimum quantity of water you should give you can give two to three sips of water after every solid meal water quantity should not exceed 120 ml per day take care
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Question: My wife is 3 month pregnant she want to drink coconut water? Is there any problem?
Answer: Hello... Coconut water is a safe drink,that you can drink during pregnancy,it contains potassium, magnesium,protein,good source of dietary fibre and vitamin c, drinking coconut water in pregnancy,helps to meet increased blood supply, maintain amniotic level and also helps fetal circulation, drinking coconut water in a part of your diet,will possess lot of health benefits
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Question: my baby is 5 and half month old ..,can i drink lemon juice
Answer: Yes you can have lemon juice it will be okay
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