6 months old baby

Question: my baby is always rubbing her eyes it's any problem

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Answer: Hello dear there are some reasons that why baby rubs eyes. Incomplete sleep. Teething Wants to sleep. Tired and itchy eyes
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Question: My baby is 6 months.she rubbing his eyes frequently.why she rubbing her eyes?is any problem.
Answer: Hi it can be due to heat the babies feel uncomfortable and start rubbing. So nothing to worry and close the window and draw the curtain. It might help.
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Question: My baby always rubbing her eyes and its looking redish color aftr rubbing is any problem with that
Answer: Hello dear There can be various reasons of baby rubbing their eyes: 1. Baby is feeling sleepy 2. Baby's eyes are dry 3. Baby is curious if she develops motor skills, she may be experimenting by touching every part of her body to understand how her body will respond. 4. Baby is loving to open the eyes, closing and rubbing the eyes to see different visual patterns 5. There might be something in baby's eyes. There is no need to panic or worry if you see your little one rubbing eyes. Just take proper care of baby and take preventive measures
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Question: My baby always time rubbing her eyes what is the problem dr?
Answer: Hi If baby's always rubbing the eye is it can be that your baby is feeling sleepy or it is on normal acceleration of other body parts which is very common during this time for a baby to do just keep a check and try to know the reason of discomfort if there is any then take the baby to the doctor once . Hope this helps!
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