5 months old baby

Question: My baby is always crying he is not drinking my bm n if i force him then again he starts crying what is the solution is this normal

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Answer: There are number of reasons why this might be happening. It very common to see this type of behaviour at around 6-8 weeks. Many babies will cry or fuss or pull off the breast of they need to brp try to burp between breasts and after a feeding. Another reason could be forceful let down if mom has a forceful let down. Baby may be frustrated by the too fast flow of milk with let down and can also cause excessive gas or vomiting. Slow let down some babies get impatient of mom has slow let down. So keep these things in mind while feeding.
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Question: My baby refuses to eat any solid food .if I force him then he starts crying .what should I do
Answer: Most of the parents,, have this issue,that their babies are not eating enough.but honestly I would like to suggest you that stop worrying much at this stage.your baby is still growing and exploring lot of things around,including food.if your baby is active,healthy then donot worry.if she is little underweight also,donot worry,as long as she is meeting her milestones.intriducing variety of foods little little would encourage baby to taste.try making the meal time fun.sometimes we mothers are so busy in feeding ,that babies great bored.sing rhymes,and make it more fun.offer less food at a time.no matter if the baby has eaten just one spoon in lunch.baby wood eat more in breakfast,so donot stress.force feeding is never recommended.it would.never let baby understand what natural appetite means.and lead to obesity in adulthood.never show TV or mobile while feeding.force feeding would also stress your baby and could backfire by vomiting out.avoif giving junk foods like chips,biscuits,too much milk,chocolates etc.they kill the appetite.give fresh home cooked food.
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Question: Hi... my baby completed 4 months. From the 2 days he is not having milk properly. If i force him to give , he starts to crying..
Answer: Hi dear...hope ur baby is fine...might be ur baby is having some discomfort or pain...that's why she is rejecting milk....apply some hing paste on ur baby's tummy ..hope ur baby will be fine after that but if then also ur baby is crying then better u consult ur doctor..take care
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Question: My baby is not drinking my milk ...if i feed itself he starts crying .....what s the problem
Answer: Hi seems your baby is on nursing strike. Dont worry it will end soon ..Happens with some babies. They are easily distracted at this stage. So1) try nursing in dark room.2) Change feeding position like feed in standing ,walking etc..3)Dream feeding also helps..
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