12 months old baby

Question: My baby is almost 1 year. I feed him rice dal , ragi ragi dosa, ragi rotti, chapathi, apple, khichdi, chiku, banana,grapes and breastmilk. He is active and playful.He still does potty only once a week.Is this normal?

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Answer: Hi.. Dear, may be the diet you are serving is little more for him to digest.. Include more of water in the diet, like make little watery porridges, vegetable soups and juices Instead of fruits.. Try this for a couple of days, if the problem still persists, see a pediatrician..
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Question: My baby is on breastmilk only and whenever i feed her she does potty any suggestion plsss and she is having too much of coughs also
Answer: Boil water with cotton thn make it cool down n slowly wipe your baby eyes with that make sure use one cotton at a time don't repeat it
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Question: My baby is 1 year old ...he does not eats pulses, rice and fruits he only drinks milk how can I help him to eat whole grains any medicine to eat him to improve his diet
Answer: ur toddler may be reluctant to try new foods, but bear in mind this is a normal stage. Your toddler's tastes will change over time. It will help your toddler get used to new foods if you offer him a variety from the four main food groups: Fruits and vegetables. Cereal-based food, such as roti, rice dishes, pasta and bread. Dairy produce, such as milk, curd, paneer and cheese. Protein, such as lentils, chickpeas (chhole), kidney beans (rajma), black-eyed peas (lobhia) and mung beans (moong and sabut moong), soya, lean meat, chicken, fish or eggs.make a definite time to feed the baby.. When all the family members are eating that time only feed him ., feed him every 2 to 3 hours . milk or any other light snacks. Keep it away from eating junk food or processed food. Always give her a nutritious diet to eat. You can also make ragi or multigrain flour biscuits at home. Mix healthy things in his favorite things. You can mix mix vegetable rolls in bread, add some ketchup in it. Inspire the child to play out as much as possible,So that she gets tired and feels hungry
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Question: Hello , my son is 8.5 months old and his weight is 9kg .he is on breast feed and i give him home made food like ragi porridge, dhall rice , dhall water, carrot, banana, apple etc...Earlier he was passing stools once per day ..now for past 3 days he passes stools 4 times ...exactly be after eating some solid food ...he crawls fastly and is very active ...is this anything to worry .
Answer: It might be due to teething... When he crawls try and make sure the floor is clean.. And wash his hands after he crawls.. As floor contains bacteria.. And when the baby puts his hand in his mouth it may lead to infection which causes motions. So hygiene maintain Karo 😊
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Question: My baby is 8 months and 17 days. My concern is she's not putting on weight. I feed her semi solids like ragi porridge..banana puree..rice paste with ghee...moong dal, carrot, potato paste. Still no improvement. Pls guide.
Answer: She's just 6.2kg
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