9 months old baby

Question: My baby is almost 9 month old. His bally is too big always.. is it normal for 9 month baby??

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Question: My baby is 93days old.. my baby head is too big. Backside is normal but left and right side too big. How to reduce it?
Answer: Do not use bed or mattress. Try to put baby in the floor with thin soft cloth. When ur baby turns right left back and forth head moulds to form. Massage with oil so that the head scalp becomes soft and moisturized. It will avoid hardening of scalp. Hope it helps.!
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Question: My son is 13 days old..I find his potty in his every diaper that too watery almost like loose motion..Is it normal..
Answer: It's normal..Until 3mnths it vil b like that only... Don't worry...
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Question: my 2 months old baby always used to stretch his body is it normal
Answer: Hello! It is normal, nothing to worry. Give a nice oil massage to the baby, he's will feel good.
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