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Question: My baby is a month old. Can i use kajal for his eyes? Is it safe or any side effects?

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Answer: Yes u could dear just use home made
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Question: Can I use kajal for my baby...any side effects
Answer: Hello! No. It's recommended that your baby's eyes be kept free of kajal, surma or kohl.  Using kajal can lead to watery eyes, itchiness, and even allergies. When kajal is washed off during a bath, it can pass down the small and narrow opening between the eyes and the nose. This opening can get blocked, causing infections.
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Question: Can I use eyetex kajal supreme to my seven months old baby? Is it safe for babies eyes?
Answer: Its a common problem for pregnant woman.its my suggestion 🙂
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Question: can I use kajal for my baby boy for eyes??? it good to use kajal for baby??
Answer: Taking decision of whether applying kajal to your baby’s eyes is safe or not is really painful. There are few old beliefs prevailing behind applying kajal to baby’s eyes, but there is not much justification or proof supporting such beliefs which gradually turn them into myths in this modern world. Moreover, pediatricians strictly ask not to put kajal on baby’s eyes. Applying kajal on your baby’s eyes will make their eyes bright, large, and attractive. Kajal can lead to itchiness, watery eyes, and other allergies in your baby. Only home made kajal is safe.
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