10 months old baby

Question: My baby is 9+months. She is getting used to pacifier. She can't sleep unless she gets it. I take it out of her mouth as soon as she is sleeps. M worried, how do I help her in getting rid of this habit.

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Question: Hello.... My baby is not putting on weight. As soon as I breast feed her within a fraction of second she sleeps , due to which she is not getting enough milk. Am worried about this pls help me about this.....
Answer: My dear don't be worried small babies usually do that. they do have such growth spurts when they want to sleep a lot or feed a lot or less don't worry it happens it does not affect their health
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Question: Hi. My baby turned 5months today. She has a bad habit of sleeping with my nipple in her mouth at night. As soon as I put her away from the breast she wakes up and starts to cry. How to get rid of this habit? It is badly affecting my sleep. Plz help
Answer: Hi dear.. as time passes that habit will go away. It is a phase for the baby, they will pass it. I know you tired you will be, even i faced the same with my baby. Be strong dear, they will change.
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Question: My baby is 4 months old and she is putting fingers in her mouth how to help her getting rid of her habit
Answer: Use baby hand glows and remove her finger each n everytime whenever she put it in her mouth ....all baby hv same habitat
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