8 months old baby

Question: my baby is 8 months old baby.can i give rice meals 2 times per day.

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Answer: Mam agar baby ko ek din mein do baar rice dengue 2412 today's hi khayega uske baad uska muh ka taste change ho Jayega to wo se nahi lega isliye baithe hai ki aap baby ko change kar Karke food day 1 time aap rice de aur dusra time ap usko cerelac khichdi ya banana ya potato mash karke de.
Answer: Hi dear yes surely u can do but remember main idea of giving food to baby should be that baby should get all the neutrition Which includes fruits vegetables daal grains all along the day.
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Question: My baby is 8 months old can i give rice n dals to my baby
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can give rice and dals to baby at 8 months old. They are easy to digest for babies and is healthy You can give below recepies 1. Daal ka chilla 2. Rice daal ki idli 3. Mix daal ka chilla 4. Daal chapati 5. Vegetable ki kichdi
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Question: my son is 6 months old and he is 8 times potty per day it's normal
Answer: Yes, it is normal if ur baby is passing stool 8 times a day because a baby who is on mother's breastfeeding can pass stools upto 8 times a day. As long as ur baby ur baby is active and his stool is soft and easy to pass, there is no cause of concern
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Question: Hello.. How many times in a day can I give rice to my 10 months old baby?
Answer: Hi! At 11 months baby is exploring new tastes and variety hence its better to offer variety and not rice only, in my opinion Rice at one time in lunch is fine.. Hope this helps!
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