40 weeks pregnant mother

My baby is 8 days old and the moment i feed her within sometime she poo semi liquid

That is completely normal. Some Babies will poo after every feed. So nothing to worry about it.
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    Priyanka Patel44 days ago


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Question: My baby is 9 days old.. As i feed her she use to do poo and pee always... Is this normal to poo whn i feed
Answer: Hi dear it is absolutely normal and nothing to worry at all. That shows a good digestive system of baby and baby is taking a proper feed.
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Question: My baby is 71 days old can we start giving semi liquid food to her. She is on formula milk Similac neosure. Can we give her water mixed in celerac in semi liquid form
Answer: No dear till 6 months you are not allowed to give provide her formula only after 6 months you can use apple puree and all but till den no other thing den formula baby's can't digest
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Question: My baby is 171 days old n her weight is 8 ...can I start semi solids...
Answer: Yes you can do .. like mashed watery daal, fresh dahi, carrots and peas smash, or fruits boiled and than mashed up... It's the right time
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