8 months old baby

Question: My baby is 7months 26days old ..I started my normal period after 2months 13days .. in this month June I got my period at 14june...again on 26june started bleeding frequently ...is there any problem or is it normally ?

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Answer: Hi dear, This is your first period after delivery means it happens there is no problem in this nothing to worry dear. Actually at starting of periods after delivery so much blood loss will happen like more than 15 days or even month. This process may repeat more by coming months also this is only because from pregnancy to delivery, periods as stopped for so many months and so much of waste blood should release so it happens. Hope u understood the reason behind this. Thank you
Answer: This is not normal dear to get bleeding so frequently please consult a doctor there might be some issue
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Question: My period on 20th june nd ends in 25th but now lite bleeding start again why it happens pls rly🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Answer: Dear better consult doctor we can't judge what all happens to women.. There will be so many reasons fr every thing, I advice u to not to take risk consult doctor immediately if it still continues.
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Question: Hi .. I got itching and rashes in my whole body.. is it normal?? Is there any danger for my baby??
Answer: No you don't worry it will not harm the baby but you should also take care of yourself you can apply mustard oil before bathing that may help and still it's your getting the eating the better for you to visit the doctor as this can be some liver problem
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Question: Hi I am planning for pregnancy, my last period was on may 28th , regular cycle is 28days , but this month is delayed on June 29th Brown discharge with blood spotted, and more pain was on abdomen and, June 30th Morning I got blood discharge.. Is is this implantation bleeding or period cycle.. Or why it's happening like this?
Answer: Agr apko bleeding ho rhi h to ye implantation bleeding nhi h ye apke periods aaye h, Aap next month fr se try krna baby ke lie l, don't loose hope
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