8 months old baby

Question: My baby is 7 n half month old ..he is even not trying to crawling..how would I encourage him..even he turn on his tummy but not tried to come back on his back..after sometime I have to make him on his back when he starting crying.. What should I do..all people in family asked about his crawling..

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Answer: My baby never crawled properly. he used to sit with help of support and then gradually started standing with help of support and working he almost skip the milestone. Suggest don't take stress about it encourage your child to seat with the support then gradually baby will start crawling don't worry..
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Answer: You should place a pillow on your babies side so that even if your baby will want to turn on the term your baby will not be able to do it
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Answer: It's ok dear your baby will roll just try to massager baby everyday that will help
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