7 months old baby

Question: My baby is 7 months old now. I have started giving fruits puree and somw solids like ragi and rice porridge. My baby is having problem of hard stool and color is also dark yellow or orangish. Is it normal or do i need to show doctor?

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Answer: Give sufficient water to your baby and when you make solids add more water in that also...give curd to your baby fresh curd
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Question: Haii... Is it safe to start solid food at 5months?? With wat do we start like fruits or vegetables puree or ragi porridge
Answer: U should start giving solid food to ur baby at 6 months and as ur baby has just begin to have solid so start giving only 1 or 2 spoons of daal ka pani or chaval ka pani to baby. Then slowly slowly u can Increase the quantity of solids
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Question: Hai I have started solid foods for my baby past 20 days like apple puree carrot potato puree and lunch Raagi porridge and rice porridge His potty is dark green colour is there any problem in that because his potty is a little bit yellow in three times onlu after that his potty like this only is there any problem for my baby
Answer: No.. Problem when u start a solid food baby karte aai green potty aur change hote hai potty colour mein so don't worry
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Question: Now a day My baby is not eating Ragi porridge properly,wat can I do
Answer: Try different types of porridge dear ..rice ,wheat porridge ..
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