8 months old baby

Question: My baby is 7 months old eating solid food but now days she not at all opening her mouth and she not eating properly

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Answer: Hello! Babies when sick avoid food . Hence check for any cold or cough or teething or any stomach infection. During this time the appetite comes down and as a result babies avoid food. It is a phase don't worry, will soon pass over. However, keep trying, try to encourage the baby in self feeding ,so that the baby grows and interest for the food. Take care
Answer: Hello, Sometimes we can't predict kids behavior. We need to be patiently. Follow some tintacles. Show her colorful toys and feed. Give her whatever she likes more. Don't give always solid food. You can prefer semi solid food also. Make some soups with little veggies. You can prepare variety dishes like kichidi.
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Question: My baby girl is 7,5 months old and she is not at all eating any solid food...she closes her mouth tightly...I tried all food...but she is eating nthing...I am so worried .please suggest.
Answer: your baby is a small so wide giving solid food and give just liquid and semi solid food and you will have to rise your baby's interest in food by giving company while eating, also you should keep your baby busy in talking and interacting or you can also make her play with some toy and when she will be busy with the toy then you can feed your baby.
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Question: My baby is eating properly I have tried variety of foods but not working she is not opening her mouth
Answer: I can help you here as I had experienced the same too..if you force-feed your baby then this would give a negative impact towards food..so make the meal time fun .sing a rhyme or song,keep talking and feed very little at a time..dnt worry if baby is not eating..it will happen for some months so have patience..not to stress out😊..
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Question: My baby not opening her mouth while eating... She now eight months old
Answer: Haha I know this stage of babies.my daughter used to close her mouth with two hands too.i guess it's the phase.no matter what never force feed okay.its fine if you skip a meal or feed just a spoon.dnt stress due to that!
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