8 months old baby

My baby is 7 mnth old. I have pain on muscle above right breast..anyone have this?

This could be Mastitis (infection).Please check with Doctor.However, you need not stop feeding your baby,you can continue breast feeding.
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Question: I have pain in my right breast on right side i am breast feeding mom......... and its really uncomrtable
Answer: Hello dear, if ur nipples are paining while ur baby is breastfeeding, then there can be various reasons for it. 1. Baby is not able to latch ur breast properly 2. Tight breast as there are too much milk in it. Cover breasts with warm, wet towel for 10-15 minutes. The warmth increases blood circulation, reducing pain.
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Question: I am facing severely back pain.. especially right side... i feel muscle catch to right leg...... why this is happening
Answer: Hi,I can uunderstand the pain you are going thru. It is usually faced my many women during pregnancy It happens as the baby grows,it needs room to grow.which expands the uterus It leads to many body changes. Expansion of utwrus leads to stretching of muscles which again lead to pain One very important advice at this stage bus I hope you are not sleeping on your back .as it will increase your pain because it presses the most imo nerve which can cause this severe pain and this pain can also travel to thighs and legs Try and sleep on your left side.rhis is the most ideal position. Sometimes your leg pain can also be due to muscles catch. So while sleeping Jeep pillows bet your inees and behind your back for comfort level. You can for relief get hot water saik done.it will give you some relief You can also apply balm for relief Take care
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Question: I am 19week pregnant. I have pain right below my right breast from few days. Is this common?
Answer: Hi, it could be due to acidiry. Have cold milk. Have ginger honey paste Have yoghurt This will help. Take care
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