6 months old baby

Question: my baby is 6th month old and she did not did her poty for 3 days she is getting very irritated and sometimes she start crying... what to do??

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Answer: Hi dear... There is nothing to worry... Try to give overnight soaked raisins next day morning and let the baby sit in warm water ..this helped my son and hopefully it will help you too.
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Question: My baby is 43 days old ...her tummy is very tight and she is crying after passing gas...she had poty morning time..what to do plss help..
Answer: Try to push her legs on stomach so stomach will be pressed, apply hing mixed with oil or water around navel area
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Question: Hey my baby is 25 days old she is having stomach cramps from Last two days she is crying and getting irritated for 2-3 minutes and then getting relaxed can you help me with this what should I do
Answer: Check with her stomach she might have gas in her stomach if her stomach is tight that means she has gas .apply pinch of hing in warm water
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Question: My 3 months old baby has potty problem last 3 days.. And she is very irritated and crying..what we do
Answer: Consult doctor.. Gently massage warm castrol oil to baby tummy and c
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