7 months old baby

My baby is 6 months and 20 days and he was struggling to poop in the morning today,and the stool was in light white in color and itvwas like small small granules and while pooping he was bit screming and bit of blood was there in the poop initially, yesterday he ate ellaki banana(2) and cerlac and ragi podigree, sometimes we use to give biscuits with dipped in milk or hot water...what can i do as first aid now..?

Small granules can be because of indigestion. Give the.baby Bonisan tonic once in a week on daily basis. It will help in digestion and cure gas problem. Also give baby lots of water. It will help to digest food and to aviod constipation
Please consult your doc immediately
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Question: My baby is now 4 month and 13 days old.he is pooping many times in a day from yesterday,his poop is light yellow color .he is pooping in tiny lil liquid with white n yellowish poop,what should be the reason n pls tell me the solution to prevent this
Answer: Babies poo even 7 times in a day it's normal... Nothing to worry.... Yellow color poop is perfect. If it Green, red or black potty u need to worry.
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Question: Hi, my baby is 3 month and ten days,he usually poop twice a day but for the past four days he is pooping countionusly, first two days he pooped watery from yesterday his poop is in green color kindly provide me the solution to controll his poop, he was 5.5kg law now he became 5kg j am very much worried .
Answer: Please don't worry. Babies will have loose motion and the poop will be green color when the baby is trying to achieve a milestone. The baby want to flip on the stomach so it will start practicing it. This loose motion and green colour will stop soon. Don't worry. Continue breastfeeding at regular intervals
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Question: My baby ia 5 month old he is pooping green from last 1 week and from 14august he does stool 3 times a day after 5 days but it is also green in color what is the problem
Answer: Hi. Three major reasons for green poty 1. Imbalance between foremilk and hindmilk. When baby takes only foremilk he is likely to pass green stool. For this feed baby for min 20 mins from each breast... formula fed babies also go green poo. Secondly if baby is having bacterial or viral infection like cold or cough then too baby will pass green stool. Thirdly it could be due to stomach infection. In this case get stool test done... babies poo upto 10 times a day so nothing much to worry about
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