Few days old baby

Question: My baby is 6 days old and after drinking milk he does potty...after every feed

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Answer: Hi dear it is ok if your baby does potty after every feed you must understand is digestive tract is is still developing and working for the first time it takes time for it to get set
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Question: My baby is 48 days old and he is throwing milk after every feed.
Answer: Hi dear, this is very normal and the cause is due to not burping your baby after every feed. When the baby gulps too much milk it tends to take in air along.the trapped air needs to come out of the system to make way for more milk.otherwise the milk won't settle in stomach and always bubble upwards.it could come out either through nose or mouth as spitting or vomit. Never feed your baby too much at a time.after a small feed burp him and then feed him from other breast.burp could take as long as 45 minutes at time.but be patient and burp him
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Question: My baby is 6 days he poos after every feed
Answer: Hi Babies can poop as often as after feed or go without poop for 4 consecutive days All of which is common in breastfeed babies so don't worry Just ensure your Baby is feeding well  If your baby goes without poop more than 4 days then consult your pediatrician regarding same However massage your baby 2-3 times a day especially the stomach area it would help babys pass gas as well as with bowel movement If your baby is in pain or has a hard stomach and none of the above help Ask your pediatrician about using an over-the-counter stool softener to make it more comfortable for your baby to have a bowel movement, but never give her a laxative without her doctor's approval Take care of your self and baby .
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Question: My baby is 6 months old and he does lot of vomiting after drinking formula milk
Answer: Hello dear As u are saying that ur baby is doing lot of vomiting after drinking formula milk. It clearly means that the formula milk u are using is not suiting ur baby.So, it is the time that u have to change ur baby's formula milk and opt for another one.
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