1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 5 weeks old. Was given oral polio vaccine at birth. Does he need today's polio drop too?

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Answer: Yes dear... U have to give polio drop everytime it is given by the govt. And also on his booster vaccine days... Giving polio drops will only be beneficial for him... It won't harm him...
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    Deepika Nagpal348 days ago

    Thank you..

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Question: Should baby be given with both ipv (inactivated polio vaccine) and opv (oral polio vaccine)
Answer: Hi,yes both have its own advantages and hence it is important to give both
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Question: Hi.. My baby boy is 10days old, He was given polio drops on his birth, and on 10th day while giving him BCG vaccine, he was also given polio drops again by nurse. Is it a matter to worry if he is given polio drops twice in 10 days?
Answer: No don't worry if Polio drops were given a frequently but make sure that this doesn't repeats in future
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Question: Successfully given 14 weeks vaccine to baby, is polio vaccine diff from wat s given ? Shld she be given?
Answer: polio vaccine is different if polio vaccine is due please give that also both are different vaccinations
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