3 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4th month running &he rotating specially in night that why he is not sleeping properly how to control him

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Question: Hi my baby is 6 month running she is not sleeping properly @ night
Answer: Hii dear it is quite common for baby to wake up many times at night and then sleep. Infact some of the time baby do wake up after every 1 hour and then sleep till the age of 6 months or in some cases more but in some cases baby dont sleep so do check the various reasons as why baby don't sleep and how u can try different ways to amend it.  1) lack of nutritional food can led baby to have sleep deprived. Hunger can cause a frequent wake up. so u should try to improve the diet chart. 2) this reason could be due to bruised and bumps which baby got in day time. In day baby do forget the pain while playing but pain get increase when baby is in resting mode. So give treatment or if needed do give pain killer before sleeping 3) stomach pain due to gas could be the reason so always burp baby before sleeping.  4) reflux could be the reason n for dis u need to get the medicine.  5) noisy and uncomfortable atmosphere can majorly affect baby sleeping. So keep surrounding quite and comfortable. 6) teething could be the another reason  7) irregular pattern of sleeping is also a big reason. So u need to set a schedule for ur baby. Try to reduce the nap time of ur baby and make a sleeping schedule. Always give dinner on time and make baby wear night clothes to intimate that not it's their sleeping time. 8) infection like common cold and cough could be the frequent reason as baby immunity system is very weak.a also diarrhea fever can affect ur baby.  To cure all these issue u need to work accordingly. U need to provide a proper set of diet to ur baby which contains protein iron calcium carb fat in a required portion. If needed u can also add some supplement after discussing with doctor.make a sleeping schedule and monitor if he is taking feequ t nap.dont let baby sleep in the evening and try make baby play before sleeping so that he will get tired. Avoid eye contacts with ur baby while making sleep and u can also opt for white noise. These noise are fan voice washing machine sound as these are similar to the voice inside ur womb which makes baby more familiar to atmospehrre and soothing. Do keep room temp. Normal and always make baBy sleep in flat bit harder surface inspite of foamy surface. Always change diaper and u can check in between at night. If needed u can give a good massage and if weather supports then giving antha with warm water is a good idea.
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Question: My baby 5 month old..he is not sleeping at night properly...what should i do to make him sleep..
Answer: Try this dim all the lights keep him busy during day give him oil massage twice and warm bath keep him in sunlight for 10 minutes after bath hope this helps you
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Question: Why my baby rubbing his both eyes in the night ....he is not sleeping properly in night
Answer: Try to give him massage before putting him to sleep at night... It should help...
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