4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4months 3days old how much formula milk i give her at a time ?

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Answer: Hello dear U should take 60 to 90 ml of warm water and add 2 spoons of formula milk to the water. Shake it and give ur baby to drink. It is what u have to feed ur baby at a time. U can give ur baby formula milk twice a day.
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Question: How much formula milk should i give to my 4month old baby at one time?
Answer: Hi, There is no one rule that applies to all! The quantity is actually depends on the appetite of the baby and hunger. If you are still breastfeeding your baby and will be offering formula for the first time you can start with a small amount of formula – 30ml to get him used to the milk. Gradually you can increase the quantity of milk to 60 ml and so on.
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Question: How much milk i should give to my 9months old baby at a time
Answer: Hi for 9-12 months 207 to 236 ml per feed 3 to 5 feed a day ia advisable for the baby. Rest it is not a hard and fast qty as u can increase or decrease depends on baby intake of other food.
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Question: How much formula milk is needed for a 4.5 month old baby at a time
Answer: Hi Mommy u can give in btw 1n 1/2 to 2 spoons, itvalso depends on baby how much they can digest.
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