4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4 month old she cries all the time i dont knw whts the problem i tried colic aid all the things but she never stop crying she did not play as like other kids

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Answer: Hi... Please check with ur feeding... Is th breast milk sufficient for her.. If not consult the doctor for any formula...
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    Neeru Bhatt637 days ago

    She is 4 month old till Now she is only breast milk nd her weight is 6.5kg and she poops atleast 8-10 times in each day so i think so breastmilk is sufficient for her but dont knw why se crying and irritated all the time

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Question: I need a quick solution to my babies colic problem i do not find any help wid ghutti colic aid or gripe water is their any other method to reduce it completely she just keeps crying a lot
Answer: So try below mentioned home remedies to help ur baby calm down :- 1.) Lay him on his back in a dark, quiet room 2.) Swaddle him snugly in a blanket 3.) Lay him across your lap and gently rub his back 4.) Try infant massage 5.) Put a warm water bottle on your baby's belly 6.) Have him suck on a pacifier 7.) Soak him in a warm bath You cannot prevent colic, but if you think the distress is related to feeding, you may lessen the frequency of episodes by trying the following: 1.)Hold your baby upright when feeding to prevent them swallowing air; wind them often, and especially after a feed. 2.) Feed smaller amounts more frequently. Colic-causing foods can enter your breast milk and upset your baby as early as two hours after you ingest it, with potential irritants being: a.) Dairy products. Dairy products include milk, cheese, yoghurt and ice cream b.) Caffeine c.) Spicy foods d.) Grains and nuts e.) Gassy foods f.) Keep a record g.) Eliminate foods Hope this helps.
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Question: My baby cries in evening i tried colic aid drops also at tat time she refused to drink milk i m upset pls help me
Answer: We did a couple of things that helped in colic : Burping in a up right position after feeding Massage, we did a lot of massages and they were great help. put a oil or cream on your handsand before touching your babies skin and be sure they are warm now bear in mind that you have to massage clockwise that is the direction of the intestines so clockwise give gentle tummy strockes - repeat five times also, you can clockwise move your hand in half circles on your baby tummy - repeat 5 times hold your baby’s knees together and gently bend his legs at kneed and push them in to his tummy and back again to initial position - repeat five times hold your baby’s legs and to gently the same movements as if your baby was cycling. - repeat 5 times. Do this all with time and gently. Massages can be done after the bath in a warm environment, and never after feeding the baby. We also did quick massages in each nappy change and it worked really well.
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Question: My baby girl is 2months 22days ..on formula fed.she doesn't sleep at night even in morning she has disturbed sleep. If she is awake she cries all the time v give her all the comforts health wise she is fine. V play with her she responds and again starts crying.. Don't know the reason when she will stop crying and play with everyone
Answer: aapko reason find out karna padhega ke baby kyun ro rahi hai.Baby ke rone ke bohot reasoms hote hai .Colic is the most common cause.Other causes are listed below .For eg:1-bhook 2-Thand/garmi(shayad aapke liye woh temperature normal ho aur baby ke liye na ho):kapde accordingly change karke dekho 3-Neend complete na ho. 4-Bore feel kar raha ho. 5-Discomfort 6-Colic(pain in tummy)/gas :use colicaid 7-Burping agar nahi ho rahi ho(20 mins burp karane ki koshish kijiye) Agar fir bhi samaj mein nahi aaye reason ,toh ek baar doctor ko bata do to confirm ke usse aur koi problem toh nahi ho rahi
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