5 months old baby

My baby is 4 month and 15 days old he has not turned over and crawling not done is it normal

S.. it is normal.. Unfortunately, there’s no specific point when your baby will roll over. Some begin rolling over at 3 months, and others don’t really get it until closer to 7 months. A baby’s weight can affect when he or she rolls over.A baby’s muscles develop at different times depending on how active they are and how much tummy time and floor time they get. Hope this answer will help you
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Question: My baby is 4 months old today... but he has not yet turned over ... Wt can I do to help him roll over.. he s trying though...
Answer: Hi..do not worry..you just have to be patient..some babies turn over by 5 months..on their own..just enjoy the motherhood
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Question: My baby is eight months old but he has not started crawling,he can sit up and roll over but can't crawl,it this okay?
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Question: My son is 8.5 months old but he has not done with crawling yet
Answer: Please don't worry,your will crawl after 9 the month or during of it...some babies will take some time
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