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Question: My baby is 4 days old. While passing urine he cry too much what can be the problem?

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Answer: It may because of dehydration you have feed your sufficiently. Check baby is getting sufficient milk.. You have to keep your self well hydrated..drink lots of food. Healthy food to increase breastmilk so baby get good amount to milk. Consult doctor if baby cries every time passing urine.
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Question: My baby is 4 months 5 days old she cries every time while passing urine .. what could be the reason n remedy.. Even urine comes little by little
Answer: Okay lets do a simple checklist :- Check your babys diaper area---- is it red, small pimples or elevated bumps? Check your babies urine---- is it deep yellow/ Red? Baby girl --- check vaginal area folds is there a white thick plaque. Babies cry due to many reasons but always trust your gut feeling. You can easily make out if your baby is simply crying for your attention or he has a major discomfort. You must visit a pedeatrician if your baby has high fever above 99°F or not taking breastfeed. Leave your baby comfortable without diapers for a month, diapers cause a lot if bacterial growth specially the rainy season and night diapering --(12 hours protection etc thing). Maintain hygiene with dettol wash bath. Diapering------It's harmful if not changed after 2 pee cycles. Apply B4 Nappy cream---- everytime you put a diaper that will save your babies skin from getting infected. You must visit a paediatrician now to get a urine test done. Take care.
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Question: My baby was 46 days old when he passing urine he crying too much after passes urine he will calm is it normal for the baby
Answer: Same happened with my baby too. He was dehydrated so the pediatrician suggested me to increase his feeding. I am exclusively breast feeding him.
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Question: Mybaby cry while passing urine what wud be the reason
Answer: It could be urinary track infection, consult your doctor asap
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