Few weeks old baby

My baby is 35 wks old born.. he is not taking my breast milk as he is not able to suck it coz of my flat nipples mayi. He is used to bottle due to NICU. I am quite depressed. I tried nipple shield also but still milk Flow is not enough for him

Please be strong. Everything will be alright with time. Try shathavarikalpa powder with milk twice a day.it will increase in 2 days of time. Eat dill leaves in any form you like. If you get depressed it will impact on your milk flow.
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Question: My 1.5 month old baby not taking breast milk. I tried nipple shield though he is not able to suck properly. He is addicted to formula milk. Any suggestions??
Answer: Just be patient and avoid givinf formula milk for sometime when he hungry offer only breastmilk. Sometips to check if u r breastfeedingnhim correctly. Ideally, your baby's bottom lip will be near or on the base of your areola with her nose opposite your nipple. When she smells the colostrum, she'll bury her chin into your breast, open her mouth, and latch on. During the newborn period, most breastfeeding sessions take 20 to 45 minutes. However, because newborn babies are often sleepy, this length of time may require patience and persistence. Feed on the first side until your baby stops suckling, hands are no longer fisted, and your baby appears sleepy and relaxed. The WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding (i.e. no other fluids or solids) for six months and then continued breastfeeding combined with solid foods for 2 years or as long as mother and baby desire. Signs that confirm a good latch: Tongue is seen when the bottom lip is pulled down. Ears wiggle. There is a circular movement of the jaw rather than rapid chin movement. Cheeks are rounded. You do not hear clicking or smacking noises. You can hear swallowing. Chin is touching your breast Hope all this helps u.
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Question: Hi my baby is born one month early. He is not sucking my breast milk. I have enough flow but nipple are little flat. What shall i do?
Answer: Consult lactation consultant they will help you n make him to latch properly
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Question: Hai i have flat nipples my baby born 4days .baby not able to suck my nipples and crying alot. Present i am using fomula milk . Pl suggest for flat nipples how to shape small to large
Answer: Hllo dear ur bqby s 4 days old .congrates 4 baby flat nipples s common problem so try these tips for Breastfeeding With Flat Nipples .You can wear a product called breast shells between feedings. Breast shells put pressure on the base of your nipple to help them stick out more. Just remember to remove the breast shells before you breastfeed your child. Unlike nipple shields, you cannot wear breast shells while you're nursing. .Try using a breast pump right before you nurse your baby.If you are having trouble getting your baby to latch on, or if you're not sure if your baby is latching on correctly, have your baby's latch evaluated by your doctor or a breastfeeding specialist. A trusted health professional with breastfeeding experience can recommend the best ways to deal with your specific circumstances. To be sure that your baby is breastfeeding well on your flat nipples, look for the signs that he or she is getting enough breast milk. Keep track of your baby's wet diapers and be sure to take your baby to all her scheduled.
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