2 months old baby

Question: My baby is 2months and a week old.. She couldn't differentiate between Day and night. So she doesn't sleep at night.. But sometimes she is drowsy and sleeps in our lap.. Whenever we put her on the bed, she wakes up and starts crying.. AC goes on at 27degree along with the fan.. So the temperature is also very soothing.. Please give me some suggestions how I differentiate day and night in front of her. And in what way she can sleep deeply.

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Answer: Hi dear. you baby's too small to understand anything on her on so you will have to make her understand difference between day and night . as you baby's 2 months now so she is able to see colours , during daytime keep your room well lit and also keep her busy in playing and talking . dear it is normal for small babies to sleep during day time but you will have to reduce her naps of day . will have to fix proper sleeping schedule of your baby, at night take her to your room and keep the curtains on, switch off the light and stop doing any kind of interesting activity in the baby, give her proper atmosphere of sleep . ask your family members not to enter your room until your baby fall asleep . daily switch off light at a fixed time is eventually your baby will grasp the routine and start sleeping at night. and you don't take much attention because sleeping schedules of baby till 3 month is like this only and after completion of 3 months your baby will automatically settle herself with the cycle of day and night . good luck
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    Sharmishtha Sarker558 days ago

    As she is not sleeping at night.. She is becoming sleepy during day time.. How I could manage the routine for her if she falls asleep?

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