1 months old baby

Question: my baby is 26 yrs old.he is more active during night and wants to eat whole night.and during sleep he is crying and his face become red!his stool is liquid and yellow color.is it the symptom of colic gas?if it is colic gas what can i do?

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Answer: Hi dear, New borns are ideally more active during night time than day. It is absolutely normal. If you find colic you can use colic aid drops. Kindly get it checked with your pead and use it.
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Question: My baby wont sleep during night times.... morning she sleep and this has become my routine too so i have too much head chekkar is it because i wont sleep during night....do anyone face the same problem
Answer: Dear baby is 7 months so you can create a sleeping routine for your baby. My baby also used to sleep whole day and do bhangar all night 😂. So when she turned 6 months i make a sleeping pattern for her. I wake her up at 8 am , feed her bathe her , then feed and then let her play ,at 1 in noon nake her sleep again till 6 pm and then 11 pm at night. Although this does take time but once she adapt the change she start to sleep on her own and now ahe is 5 years and touch wood she is dont create any fuss on sleeping. So do try it..
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Question: Hi.my baby is one month old.he is having gastric prblm.he fart a lpt nd with every fart he releases some yellow liquid nd small amoint of potty.during fart he put lot of pressure as his face become reddish.what to do?
Answer: Farts are common in new born baby and they are usually gassy too because of the limited activity at this age and during the feed they take some amount of air because of the feeding position. The air get trapped in the stomach that cause gas in the babies. Please do the following remedies- Apply hing paste around the naval. Give tummy time Do cycling excercise Massage baby tummy in circular motion Burp the baby after every feed Prescribe digestive enzymes from your doctor ( if needed)
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Question: My son is 30days baby. While crying his face, foot, and palm become red. But in few seconds it comes to normal colour
Answer: Same here... my son is 2 months old now.... nothing to worry.... bcoz of fast blood circulation it becomes red.... its normal...
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