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Question: My baby is 23 days old. After feeding he sometimes vomit the milk... Is it serious or normal. Please suggest.

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Answer: My baby also used to take alot of time to burp and when we put her back to bed she spits all milk. So in this case its important to pat baby for atleast 30 minutes.15 minutes upwards aDearnd 15 minutes downward baby will surely burp and also after burpdont put her down rather keep her in upwards position for sometime this will prevent vomit..
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Question: Hello...my son is 23 days old he don't take burp after feeding... And vomit all milk out
Answer: It's important to burp your baby after every feed because if baby will not burp then milk will come out .. so baby's do burp but some babies take more gine go burp then usuall. My baby was also a late burper so I can understand your problem completely. after feeding baby hold your baby in upright position on your shoulder and then rub your baby back for 15 minutes downward and then 15 minutes upwards intoral rub your baby's back for 30 minutes. during this time baby will surely burp and don'ts just lie down your baby directly take him upright position for sometime and then lye him down this will make sure that baby will not do vomit..
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Question: My baby is 22days old, sometimes she vomit after feeding..is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear As ur baby is just 1 months old, this time babys stomach is too small and he can have only less milk at a time. Too much milk during feeding can cause ur baby to vomit. So give proper burp after every feeding
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Question: My baby is 15 days old... Sometimes after feeding she vomit out all the milk... Y it happens.....is mother milk not suitable...
Answer: It's normal dear burp her whenever u feed her n as the baby is too young feed her 10-12 minutes. If she has taken excess milk it will be out. Just note down the time n burp her every time she feeds.
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